About Us

We began Bluster Bay Woodworks as a small, family-operated business in 1985. For many years we grew until we produced shuttles sold in stores worldwide. Now we are semi-retired, making and selling shuttles only occasionally.

At Bluster Bay Woodworks, each item is made one-at-a-time, by hand. We begin with the finest imported and domestic hardwood. Each variety of wood we use is selected for its combination of beauty, strength and durability.

We carefully cut each piece to expose the best color and grain. Sanding is a long and careful process ending with a finish of satin smoothness that is then sealed with clear shellac. After drying for several days, each item is hand-buffed with steel wool, waxed, and then buffed again. This process results in tools that are silky smooth. Each has a luster and warmth, and is a delight to the touch.

In our home studio, Kristie weaves with Bluster Bay shuttles on a daily basis. Each design is tested extensively before it is offered for sale. The final result: useful tools that have elegance and lasting beauty.

Each of our customers and textile friends is significant to us. We acknowledge your importance to us by guaranteeing our products.

—Terry Lavallee & Kristie Sherrodd