Special Wood Available: Curly Andiroba

Curly Andiroba ShuttleLast week I took an afternoon off and headed out of town on a wood quest. I usually run a circuit of about 200 miles, hitting about six lumber yards and wood stores in search of a special board or two. I often return empty-handed, but last week I found a treasure. I had to dig through an entire stack of boards, but there near the bottom was the object of my search. One single board of Curly Andiroba.

Curly Andiroba ShuttleThis wood is a bit heavier and harder than American Black Cherry and similar in color to Mahogany. It’s native to Central and South America and the Caribbean

The one board I have is one inch thick, so it’s only suitable for Swedish and Super Slim shuttles, and will yield just a few dozen shuttles at the most. If this wood strikes your fancy then don’t wait to place an order, because it won’t last long.

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