Shipping Shuttles Abroad

Shipping room

A peek into Bluster Bay’s International Fulfillment Center, aka the shipping room.

Most Bluster Bay shuttles are sold in batches to stores rather than shipped one or two at a time to individuals. Stores’ orders can be quite large and often must be shipped across the country or even across the Atlantic.

The Buster Bay shipping room sees a good deal of our time. Every shuttle is individually wrapped, labeled as to shuttle style and wood type and nestled into boxes with plenty of bubble wrap or other padding. Invoices, packing lists and shipping labels have to be generated. Then boxes are whisked off to the UPS depot and sent on their way.

Shipment abroad require a bit more work due to customs forms. Here is just part of an order that was shipped this week to a store in London:

Swedish-style shuttles Hook-tensioned end-feed shuttles

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