Conventional Boat Shuttles

These side-delivery boat shuttles use conventional bobbins that spin freely on bronze, spring-loaded spindles. The yarn feeds off the side of the bobbins (Thus the term “side-delivery” shuttle) and out a generous slot in the side of the shuttle. We recommend Schacht bobbins, but our shuttles will hold many other brands as well.

The 8-inch, 10-inch and 14-inch (double bobbin) styles all have bullnose ends. The 13-inch style has sweeping, pointed ends.

All Bluster Bay side-delivery shuttles for use with bobbins are available in either closed or open bottom styles.

Bluster Bay shuttle13-inch shuttles


These are 1.75 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall. Shuttles for 4-inch bobbins:
BOT-101 8-inch open bottom
BOT-102 8-inch closed bottom
BOT-201 10-inch open bottom
BOT-202 10-inch closed bottom
BOT-301 13-inch open bottom
13-inch closed bottom
14-inch double open bottom
BOT-702 14-inch double closed bottom


Shuttle for 6-inch bobbinBOAT SHUTTLES FOR 6-INCH BOBBINS

Theses are 1.875 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. Shuttles for 6-inch bobbins:
BOT-401 12-inch bullnose open bottom
BOT-402 12-inch bullnose closed bottom

Bluster Bay shuttles are sold through the dealers on our Shuttle Retailers list. Please contact one of these weaving supply retailers to order Bluster Bay shuttles.


BOB-04 4-inch Schacht bobbins – package of 10
BOB-06 6-inch Schacht bobbins – package of 10