Standard Wood List & Information

These are the woods we usually have in stock.

American Black Cherry is a widely distributed hardwood of North America and one of the finest and most popular furniture woods available. The heartwood varies in color from tan to a reddish brown and darkens with time to a warm, rich, amber hue. The seasonal growth lines are wide and lazy, flowing in easy patters with subtle color changes from one band to the next. Cherry is moderately hard, has a very fine texture, and can be waxed and polished to a high luster.

Black Walnut is another widely distributed hardwood of North America. The color is uniformly dark rich brown. The grain is usually straight, but occasionally shows patterns of waves, ripples, or curls. Walnut is similar to cherry in both weight and feel. The two woods are excellent choices when considering a pair of matched shuttles of different colors. Walnut takes an excellent hard, smooth finish.

Maples grow extensively throughout North America The grain is usually straight, but occasionally develops curls and waves (tiger maple or curly maple), or patterns of small tight swirls (birds-eye maple). The wood is creamy white, very fine textured, and takes an exceptional glossy polish. The hardest and heaviest of the maples is rock maple

White Ash grows throughout eastern North America and is used extensively for sports equipment, tool handles, cabinets, and furniture. It is usually light tan but occasionally it is marbled with darker mottling and black streaks. The wood is usually straight-grained with well-defined growth rings. The texture is somewhat coarse, but ash finishes smoothly, polishes to a fine luster, and gets ever smoother with use.

Bubinga, also known as African rosewood, grows to massive size in the tropical forests of Central and West Africa. This tree commonly yields boards over four feet wide. The wood is medium red-brown with veining of reds and sometimes purple. The grain is often irregular and shows a variety of attractive patterns. Bubinga is very hard, very dense, and has a fine texture that polishes to a high gloss.

We are always on the lookout for interesting woods, especially woods with striking color or great figure. So, we frequently have other woods available in limited quantities.

Please Note:

  • Ski shuttle runners are available in cherry, walnut and maple. The runners are steam-bent, and only these woods are suitable for steam-bending. The central rib of the ski shuttle can be made from any wood that we have available.
  • Boat shuttles, including end-feed shuttles, are available in all woods except where noted.
  • Swedish-style shuttles, super slim shuttles and poke shuttles are available in any wood we currently have in stock.
  • The wood you select can significantly affect a shuttle’s weight. If shuttle weight is a concern, please see the comparative weight list below as a guide to choosing a wood with an appropriate weight for you.
  • Every tree is different, and even boards from the same tree can have very different color and figure. We do our best to select the best lumber, and then cut it for the best appearance. To see samples of the color and figure possible in a wood and to read a little bit about almost any wood, visit The Wood Database at  You can also search Google Images for the wood by its common name.


We cannot provide exact weights for shuttles. Every board is different and shuttles of the same size and style will vary slightly in weight. Please use the list below to choose a shuttle wood if weight is important to you.

Note: Not all woods on this list are available at all times.

Light Weight

Tiger or Curly Maple
Tasmanian Blackwood
American Black Cherry
Black Walnut

Medium Weight

Rock Maple
Marbled White Ash
European Beech
Red Oak

Heavy Weight

African Wenge
African Bubinga
Brazilian Cherry